Piercing Minors

Thank you for considering us for your child’s body piercing! In order to pierce a minor, there are a few items that are required by Oklahoma State Law. The minor must be accompanied by a biological parent or legal guardian.

  • The parent or guardian must have a state- or government-issued photo ID.
  • The minor must have a valid, non-expired state- or government-issued photo ID. In the case of earlobe piercing, the photo ID must be issued by a 3rd party and contain the name and photo of the child.
  • We require an original birth certificate, adoption papers, or guardianship papers showing the name of the parent/guardian present, as well as the name of the minor.
  • The parent/guardian must remain present while the minor is getting pierced.
  • All documents should be original and not copies. We are unable to accept photographs of IDs or other documents.

Some examples of photographic ID that we can accept for a minor are:

  • State issued ID card
  • School ID
  • State school yearbook
  • Military ID
  • Passport
  • State school yearbook photo proofs showing the child’s name, age and school name

For earlobes ONLY we can alternatively accept:

  • Safe Smile ID Card
  • Photographic resort pass

Photographic ID must be up to date and clearly recognizable as the minor present in the studio.