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23rd Street Body Piercing is Oklahoma’s premier body piercing studio and a respected leader in the body piercing industry. We’re the only member of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) in Oklahoma City, and we meet or exceed the safety standards set by the APP and the Oklahoma State Department of Health. When you visit 23rd Street Body Piercing, you can feel confident that you’re receiving top-level service in a safe, clean environment.

At 23rd Street Body Piercing Studio in Oklahoma City, we keep a clean, professional, and safe piercing shop because we are piercing specialists first and foremost. We’re not just tattoo artists who do piercing on the side — we’re dedicated, professional piercers with continuing education on an annual basis. We put your health and safety first by using only ASTM-Certified implant-grade materials for initial piercings. Our commitment to your health means we won’t just take your money if a piercing is unsafe or an otherwise poor choice for you. We value our high standards and reputation for safety above all.

That’s why 23rd Street Body Piercing is the top choice for a clean, professional, and safe piercing in Oklahoma City. We invite you to research our studio and our piercers. As Oklahoma City’s only full-service body piercing studio, we are excited to serve you.

If you are looking to be a guest piercer, please send us your portfolio and resume and check out the requirements to get a guest license at our piercing studio in Oklahoma City.

Visit us at 411 NW 23rd St in Oklahoma City, OK.

Meet the Team

Danny Eldred

Body Piercer

Danny has seen it all. Having been to half the states in the US and 12 different countries, it’s safe to say Danny knows his way around a body piercing. He brings his worldly experience here to 23rd Street Body Piercing in Oklahoma City, and we're psyched to have his talented hands in our studio. Danny is an expert piercer who takes pride in working with you to ensure you get exactly the results you’re looking for.

Francisco (Frank) De Leon

Body Piercer (si habla español)

Francisco began his piercing journey in Puerto Rico, where he honed his skills and developed a passion for helping others express themselves through piercing. As he nears a decade of piercing experience, with 3+ years as an APP member, Francisco is as driven as ever to continue to advance his piercing talents. He takes pride in connecting with each client as an individual, assisting them in discovering and cultivating their own personal style. As a dad and family man, he’s a natural at helping younger clients feel comfortable so their experience can be positive and memorable. When he’s not in the studio, Francisco is an avid outdoorsman who loves hiking, camping, swimming and travel.

Kayli Marshall

Body Piercer

Kayli “I’m scared of birds but I love spiders” Marshall would appreciate it if you left your parakeet at home. Feel free to bring the tarantula though, considering the previous sentence and all. Speaking of phobias, what Kayli loves most about body piercing is helping her awesome clients build confidence and overcome their fears. Believe it or not, some people are hesitant to be perforated! Thankfully, Kayli is ready to jump in and inspire you with the self-assurance you need to get the best piercing that’s right for you. Everyone could use a Kayli. We’re glad we have one.

Shane Henderson

Body Piercer

Shane is a people person, and that’s part of what makes him a great piercer. He loves interacting with clients and helping them express themselves through the art of piercing. And speaking of art, Shane is also an avid musician who can rock the guitar and bass just as well as his piercing tools.


Body Piercer


Body Piercer

Andy Walters

Jewelry Specialist

You want authenticity? Andy’s got the credentials. As an accredited Applied Jewelry Professional by the Gemological Institute of America, he’s got the experience and training to help anyone find the perfect jewelry for their new piercing. With his expertise, he loves when he can show a client a piece of jewelry or a type of piercing that they may not have ever considered, and then watching them become excited about it. Helping a client express themselves through the styling of their piercings and the curation of their jewelry is what he loves about piercing.

Olivia Caldwell

Jewelry Specialist

When it comes to piercing, putting a hole in your body is only half the story – Your jewelry has to look amazing, too. That’s where Olivia comes in. She’s an expert in helping you dial in your personal style, so your piercing is 100% authentically you. It makes sense that she’s going to school for psychology. She can pick your brain, so you can pick the best jewelry to suit your new piercing.

Jason King

Body Piercer / Owner

Jason launched 23rd Street Body Piercing in 1995. He has been a member of the Association of Professional Piercers since 1996, and he has served as an educator for the APP and BMX net (Europe). Additionally, Jason consulted for the Oklahoma State Department of Health to help write local tattoo and piercing regulations. With more than 31 years of experience, he continues to be a hands-on piercer. You can find Jason in a piercing room or next door at Atomic Lotus Tattoo several days a week.

Tisha King


When it comes to piercing, self-expression is the name of the game. Tisha strives for 23rd Street Body piercing to be a safe, clean environment that fosters self-expression for both the clients and herself. She works hard to ensure everyone feels confident in their aesthetics and safety at her studio. Not only is she the co-owner, she also has a love for fixing and making things, which technically means she is maintenance staff, as well! In her personal time, she loves growing her own food by cultivating tomatoes, okra, chickens, geese and bees.

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