A personal curation & piercing service using only the finest solid gold jewelry

Thank you for your interest in our Private Styling services.

We are committed to providing all of our clients with the highest standard of personal care and attention and in these sessions the client will receive up to a full hour with a piercer for a more personalized styling experience.

All prices listed are for the piercing fees only and do not include jewelry pricing.

All piercings (including ear lobes) are priced for single piercings only, not pairs or multiples. For multiple piercings please use the text box found at the end of the list of piercings offered.

In this service we shall be working exclusively with gold jewelry. Based on the information provided by the client in the booking form, the piercer that the client has chosen to work with will hand-select several pieces from our vast gold selection.

Take a moment to browse our ONLINE STORE and provide either a link or the name of the specific piece(s) of jewelry in the styling section of your intake-form. Please include any gold colors, sizes, and stone types that you’d be interested in.

Posts and backs of jewelry are typically made of implant certified steel or titanium, if you would like to use gold posts (at an increased price point) please indicate so in the styling section of your intake form.

To secure an appointment a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is required at the time of booking. Any deposit made will be subtracted from the final price of the service or services provided.

Please provide high resolution, in-focus, and well-lit photographs of the area being pierced from several different angles as demonstrated below:

Important: In order to get the clearest possible photographs of the area to be pierced please have someone else take photographs of the area using the main camera of the phone and not a front facing camera.

In order to pierce a client we are legally required to collect a photographic ID from the client at the time of piercing. All forms of ID must be original, valid, and physical. We are unable to take photographs or digital copies of any form of ID.

Please use the following link to view information regarding minor piercing ID requirements. We do not perform nipple, genital, or surface piercings on minors.

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