Jason King

Piercing since 1990

Jason opened 23sbp in 1995.  I have been a member of the Association of Professional Piercers since 1996.  He has been an educator for the APP and BMX net (Europe).  Jason served as a consult for the Oklahoma State Department of Health during the writing of the Tattoo and Piercing regulations.  He continues to be a hands on piercer, you can find Jason in a piercing room, or next door at Atomic Lotus Tattoo several days a week.



Ben Higgs

piercing since 2011

Ben began his career in Tulsa OK under Mike Kelton.  In 2014 he became licensed and remained in Tulsa until the end of 2017.  January 2018 he joined the crew at 23rd Street Body Piercing, moving his lovely family to Oklahoma City, where you can find him every week for all of your body piercing needs.




Shane Henderson

Piercing since 1994

Shane began piercing in 1994 in Dallas, Texas.  Piercing at many studios across the nation over the years, alongside some of the best and brightest piercers in the industry.  Shane honed his skills and gained and enormous amount of knowledge of his craft before opening his own studio, with his beautiful wife, in Denver, Colorado.  In 2017 he moved to OKC with his wife and two cats to be closer to his son and mother.  You can find him at 23sbp smiling and ready to grant your piercing wishes.



Francisco (Frank) De Leon

Piercing since 2012 (si habla español)

Francisco started his career in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  In 2013 he became licensed and remained in PR until the end of 2017.  November 2017 he joined 23rd street Body Piercing, moving to OKC where you can find him every week for all of your body piercing needs.




Guest: Elayne Angel

June 6-10, 2018  Are the dates for Elayne.  Please contact her on her website to make deposits and appointments.  (So Excited!)

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I was President and founder of Rings of Desire, Inc., in New Orleans –The French Quarter’s only licensed body art studio for over 12 years! I am the former Manager and Vice President of Southern California Operations for Gauntlet, in West Hollywood. I’ve performed over 40,000 piercings in my career. I am the  author of The Piercing Bible–The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing, the only authoritative, comprehensive reference book exclusively about body piercing. I am renowned both for my lengthy professional piercing career and expertise in body piercing as well as for my own extensive collection of body art.