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::Not only do we sell the finest, American made jewelry in Oklahoma, we sell gift certificates! Get one for everyone on your Christmas list. Christmas is less than 2 months away!!! Come get some in any amount, good on either side of the shop 23sbp or Atomic Lotus Tattoos!!


::"My ears have shrank and i'm not sure what size im at could I come in and you guys could.measure them? Do you sell anything that helps with scar tissue?" asked one of our clients.

The answer is yes we are more than happy to see what size your ears are and we have several suggestions for scar tissue as well.


Thursday at 7:50pm · 
::"How much does a triple forward helix piercing cost?"  Facebook user asked
 The answer from 23rd street body piercing "Well that all comes down to the jewelry that you choose to go in there. You'd be best off comin to see us for a start so that we can make sure that you've enough room to do one as well."

Check out this awesome triple forward helix done by jason today!
::"Do you guys do the spiderbite piercing in the lip?" asked a facebook user
 · March 5 at 1:25pm  The answer from 23rd street body piercing Yes we do lip piercings. Bring the proper ID and come on down.
We will be posting questions and events from our clients on this page to help keep everyone informed and current with piercings, trends, and knowledge.  Thanks for checking it out.

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